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Heather Pubols

Photography Services

Does your website lack images that dynamically depict your organization’s work? Do you need quality images of meetings to use in organizational reports for donors? Are you constantly frustrated by photos that do not reproduce well in print materials? I can help!

I have traveled to remote villages and large cities all across the globe to do photography for caused-based organizations. I have even captured images of work and meetings that required concealing the identity of a person or even a whole group of people in order to adhere to security protocols. My photos have been featured in Christianity Today, Charisma Magazine as well as on numerous organizational websites, social media pages, and in their publications.

I specialize in field photojournalism as well as meeting and event photography. I do not do studio photography. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to receive a cost quote for my services. I charge by the day or the hour depending on what you need. I can be paid in multiple currencies.


  • Photojournalism

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    Images that show life and work as it happens – people, landscapes, objects – as well as story-telling portraits in natural environments. May include data gathering for captions or conducting and recording interviews.

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  • Meeting and Event Photography

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    Meeting and Event Photography

    Dynamic, photojournalistic-styled images that show people engaged and participating in meeting or event activities.

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  • Studio and Formal Portrait Photography


    Studio and Formal Portrait Photography

    Formal, staged photographs that require specialized equipment (like lights and backdrops) to capture.

    I do not provide this service.




Somerset, Massachusetts, USA

M: +1 508.812.8808
W: heatherpubols.com/photography-services

I also edit articles and books.