Heather Pubols

Inspiring Involvement in Worthy Causes

Heather Pubols is an experienced nonprofit communications leader proficient in directing content strategies on a global scale and managing diverse creative teams and projects. She is a storyteller, efficient systems creator and adept collaborator. Her passion is working with lean teams to produce storytelling content that inspires involvement in worthy causes on a platform of visual journalism.

She also uses her experience to work alongside organizations in a training and advisory capacity to help them effectively tell their story. She has provided this type of consulting to organizations both large and small in Africa, Asia, north and central America and Europe.

Multiculturally competent with experience living in four countries outside the US over a nine-year period, since 2000 she has traveled to around 50 countries and worked with colleagues from more than 60 nations.


  • Global Content Strategy, Acquisition and Development
  • Culturally Sensitive and Globally Contextualized Messaging
  • Project Management
  • Branding
  • Training


  • Visionary
  • Culturally Agile
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative

In 2018, Heather launched le Motif  [lay-moh-TEEF], an organization committed to helping Christian nonprofits effectively tell their story. A team of partners makes it possible for her to work at low or no-cost with le Motif clients with financial constraints.