Heather Pubols Appointed as Next CEO of Media Associates International

Media Associates International (MAI) announces the appointment of Heather Pubols as its next Chief Executive Officer, effective November 11. She was unanimously and enthusiastically elected by the Board of Directors after an extensive selection process. Heather, a skilled global communications consultant and editor, will succeed John Maust on his retirement after 25 years in the position.

Missions Communicators and Building a Staff Care Culture

Missions communicators play an important role in helping an organization’s staff feel valued and supported.

How to Revitalize Global Ministry and Engage the Church with Stories

Mission organizations fail to inspire the whole Church to join in God’s mission because they continue to undervalue and under-resource the contributions of missions journalists. But if they took journalism as a serious means of global education, it would radically shift global Church engagement in God’s mission.

Missions in a COVID Crisis: Journalism Implications

Missions journalists “are an unseen force which remains largely unrecognized, misunderstood and undervalued,” yet the global Church desperately needs to develop a coherent, global narrative of God at work in the world today through missions.

Cross-Cultural Economics

About a week after my husband and I moved to Kenya in 2009 I took my first real trip through the grocery store to look for items that I needed for our home. The store near where we lived had an amazing variety! You could buy everything from a loaf of bread to a new kitchen table and everything in between. It was like a Kenyan Super Wal-Mart!

How to Tell A Dangerous Story

“I know how you can tell this story,” I said to a colleague with a smile. “Someone did something that made a positive change among some group of people in some country, and it’s so amazing everyone needs to know about it!”

Image from "Africa for Norway" on radiaid.com

Simplicity Gone Astray

In 2012 I took a media team to a country in central Africa to get stories about Bible translation projects in the country. We stayed in a guesthouse at an educational institution, and nearby was a school for the students’ children.

“Put away your cameras!” a man shouted…

Announcing: le Motif [lay-moh-TEEF]

In October 2018 I joined Global Service Network – a ministry that helps independent Christian workers and small Christian organizations with financial management and accountability.

Through them I was able to start a consultancy aimed at helping Christian nonprofits tell their story. I’m excited to announce that now I have a name and logo for this new venture: le Motif.

A Change of Direction

Jeff and I are coming to the end of an extended sabbatical away from our regular responsibilities with Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Wycliffe Global Alliance. After this period of prayer, reflection and seeking guidance from God and others, we have an announcement to make about our next steps in work and ministry.