From 2011-2018 Heather Pubols served as the director of WNN – the global story gathering team for the Wycliffe Global Alliance. The team included full-time staff, freelancers and volunteers who came from 10+ countries and served as photographers, writers, editors, videographers and transcribers.

As the team director, Heather connected with global leaders to determine strategic content themes and locations; created and gave out story assignments; curated story gathering teams made up of full-time staff, volunteers and freelancers; managed the production of deliverables; and worked with full-time staff on skill development and care for their personnel needs. She worked alongside the team in logistics; interviewing; capturing photos and video footage; writing; and editing photos and written materials.

The team focused on stories about God’s work worldwide through Bible translation. Wycliffe’s global network of 100+ organizations (representing 400,000+ constituents) frequently used WNN articles and photos in their publications, and used this content along with WNN videos on their websites and on their social media accounts, translating the content into many languages.

Beyond Wycliffe, the WNN team also had one story linked to by the Tokyo Times and Christianity Today, another story republished by Charisma magazine, and one original article published in Christianity Today. In addition to global Wycliffe publications, WNN’s photos also appeared in places such as Christianity Today, Mission Network News and the United Bible Societies website.

The titles below are links to WNN story collections. The first link goes to all of WNN’s collections. The links below that are the WNN collections for which Heather had first-hand engagement. She has noted her role in each. The WNN team also provided Wycliffe’s network of 100+ organizations with access to an extensive photo library called Skip which includes Heather’s images.