In the 1964 inaugural issue of Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ), the first editor stated that the quarterly had two purposes: to provide the Church with the insights gained from its global work and for mission agencies to keep each other stimulated and informed with ideas and practical missionary tactics.

The content in EMQ continues to focus on fresh, innovative and accessible ideas pertaining to world missions that have practical application for mission leaders, mission pastors, missions students and educators, and especially working field missionaries. It is also a tool to connect missionaries and help them collaborate. Over the years, EMQ has had several publishers. In 2018, Missio Nexus – the largest network of North American mission agencies – became its publisher.

After serving EMQ as a volunteer substantive editor and issue editor in 2019, Heather Pubols began a transition to become the fifth editorial director of EMQ in October 2021. In January 2022, she fully assumed that role. As editorial director, Heather directs the creation and delivery of EMQ including the following responsibilities: shaping editorial vision, planning editorial themes and calendar, assigning and selecting articles, substantively editing content, authoring quarterly editorials, finding and selecting photos, maintaining a network of key relationships to facilitate future content, and tracking progress towards publication goals.

One of her key passions is to see more diverse voices influencing global Christian thought. Applying this to EMQ has resulted in her facilitating more than 50 authors (including many from the majority world) to publish an article in EMQ for first time.

The titles below are links to EMQ issues for which Heather has played a publication leadership role.