In October 2018 I joined Global Service Network – a ministry that helps independent Christian workers and small Christian organizations with financial management and accountability.

Through them I was able to start a consultancy aimed at helping Christian nonprofits tell their story. I’m excited to announce that now I have a name and logo for this new venture: le Motif. [lay-moh-TEEF]

I chose this word, which is both English and French, because it fits with my main objective – storytelling.

In French le motif means motive, reason or cause.  In English it is the design, theme or main idea. In literature it’s a concept that repeats itself.

God’s story is like this.  His motive is love and that story of love despite human brokenness is woven throughout the pages of the Bible and in our own stories. This is God’s motif – his story.

Hundreds of Christian nonprofits are participating in God’s mission in amazing ways no one hears about. In part, this is because they lack adequate communications resources to tell their stories.

For many years in Wycliffe, I helped to tell the global Bible translation story. Now God is opening the door through le Motif for me to share even more of what he’s doing worldwide.

If your organization needs help clarifying its message, determining strategic stories, or developing storytelling resources, let’s connect. I’d like to share my knowledge and skills with you!

In order to serve organizations with limited financial resources, I need partners willing to support this work. Click below to learn about how you can participate as a partner.