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Are you a topic expert who lacks extensive writing experience? Do you have a powerful personal story to share that you struggle to communicate succinctly? Or do you find it hard to write clearly in English because it is not your native language? I can help you make your story or ideas shine in written text.

I am available to edit books, articles, white papers, and academic papers. I specialize in Christian nonfiction content including opinion, biographical, instructional, and theological articles and literature. I have worked 20+ years with Christian missions organizations which particularly suits me for editing missions-related books, articles, and papers.

Editing has three distinct phases: substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading. I focus on substantive and copy editing. I do not proofread. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to receive a cost quote for my services. I charge by the hour and can be paid in multiple currencies.


  • 1. Substantive Editing

    I can do this for you!

    Substantive Editing

    Revisions, rewriting, and restructuring to improve your writing while maintaining your voice as well as detailed comments and questions to help you make further text revisions.

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  • 2. Copy Editing

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    Copy Editing

    Syntax, grammar, sentence structure, and consistency corrections made after substantive edits are incorporated.

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  • 3. Proofreading

    Not my cup of tea...


    Bibliography and footnote/endnote formatting as well as correcting textual and formatting errors after all previous edits are complete. This is the final review just prior to publication.

    I do not provide this service.


“Although the Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) has been in existence for fifty-five years, we recently published an edition that demanded special expertise. Heather was recommended to us, and she did not disappoint. She expertly spearheaded the entire edition…. I would highly recommend Heather to any who are looking for professional assistance.”

“It has been a joy to work with Heather over the past nine months on a book project. She is professional, detailed, and brings joy to all of our meetings and interactions. I could not have had this book project come to fruition without her expertise and assistance.”

“[Heather] not only provided expert editing skills in preparation of articles for publication for us, but she sought to understand the goals and objectives of the publication we worked on together.  Her cross-cultural experience and heart for unreached peoples are strongly evident in her work and also give her a unique perspective on the task.”


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Somerset, Massachusetts, USA

M: +1 508.812.8808
W: heatherpubols.com/editing-services

I also do photography.